Do you like to program or have a bent in creative problem solving? Do you want to share your knowledge and skills with your team and/or organization? Want a perfect balance between your work and family life? Then joining our team can be a better match.

To make our clients content with a victorious smile is our motto. To avail this we seek for freshers and experts with the desire for providing quality service and success. At RWS, everyone is directly linked with clients. We look for independent, confident, committed and active activists having a perfect blend of head and heart.

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RWS offers an international, congenial work environment for its employees. The environment at the workplace is very friendly irrespective of nationality, religion and race, maintaining professionalism between co-workers. Other benefits such as open desk seating, self-served kitchen service for staff.

At Rapid Web Services, you have 100% visibility from day one. We communicate openly , with daily stat reports from our staff, weekly product reports and town hall presentations where you can ask top management officer anything.

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Here we work with a wide range of technologies including Java, PHP, C##, Python, Mongo DB, Node JS, Express Framework- and many more to mention. We can assure you that we are one of the top Java-based software company in Bangladesh. Bit by bit we are developing our expertise in other areas as well. We have tech-professionals with genuine expertise and experience in all these fields.

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Learn the latest tech, push back to the community, and talk about it all in our regular team meet ups.

You won’t need to fill out forms, argue with legal, or sit around doing nothing because you will not be waiting for approval from management.

Hackathons allows you to build teams and hack through really exciting and challenging projects which benefits others and creates more workable place.

Here you will find an international work environment that conforms mostly with US work culture characterized by flat structure and decentralized management system. Decisions at RWS are taken by the opinion of majority employees and every employee takes part in setting common goals and objectives. Our management is not a roadblock to your success and productivity. Rather they are always by your side whenever you need aid and support.


We believe in meritocracy. So, promotion at RWS is not just based on seniority rather it is a combination of both seniority and merit.

At RWS, we enjoy weekly two holidays, all govt. holidays and 18 days paid leave per year.

Hunger is not an option at RWS. We enjoy free lunch & snacks and of course unlimited tea/coffee everyday.

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We are looking for an enthusiastic, detail-oriented, self-starter to join our team as a Creative Content Writer to help build one of our US based brand. We expect the ideal candidate would be a team player who is flexible and capable of handling multiple projects at once. Applicants should be well versed in copy writing with a creative eye, and desire to be the voice for our brands. View Details.

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We always deserve talented and experienced developers and testers to show interest in our job openings. But in case your profile do not match right now, it is ok. May be there something new in the near future.

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